Planet G designs and manufactures custom built Special Purpose Machines to automate existing manual processes. The tailor made machines act as a bridge between processes including Sorting, Pick & Place, Packing, Aligning, Transporting, etc.

Acknowledged for their diverse features and superior quality materials used, our Special Purpose Machines (SPMs) are available with standard and customized options. We manufacture SPMs according to the specific requirements of customers. Our SPMs aid in reducing human effort and minimizing rejection, thus improving quality, efficiency and productivity.

Pick and Place Systems

Pick and place systems are an integral part of most of the industries for increased production rates and systematic sorting and packing. The reliability of industrial robots has improved substantially over the years. Planet G provides robotic pick and place systems that are capable of packing, unpacking, aligning, colour sorting and similar tasks for industries such as pharma, FMCG, food industry, etc. Our pick and place systems are noted for delivering a unique combination of cost-efficient and precise performance.

Bottle Accumulator

When you need maximum efficiency, and less damaged bottles, a custom bottle accumulator from Planet G can help. Our bottle accumulators are capable of handling a diversified range of sizes and bottles profiles. We use recognized major brand electrical and electronic components to provide the utmost in reliability and availability to the worldwide marketplace. Ability to accommodate all shapes and sizes of bottles in every stage of the production process is the specialty of Planet G’s bottle accumulators.


Manually placing boxes on pallets is time consuming and expensive and also puts unusual stress on workers. Planet G’s palletizers help you make the most of your space and cut back on production time and labor costs. Planet G provides different levels of palletizers like floor-level, high-level and robotic palletizers that can stack with utmost care from iron spare parts to fragile glass and food products. We can ensure smoother, safer project implementation with our palletizing solutions.


Plant G provides customized cartonizers that serve packaging purposes for various industries. Our cartonizers are characterized by maximum flexibility and reliability. They are smooth, user friendly and hygienic. The design and handling of our machines are state of the art in technology with fault-free operation. The user-friendly designs of the machines make them easy to handle and increase productivity.

  1. SCADA

    All our machines have SCADA interface programmed to it.

  2. ERP

    Our technologically advanced machines can directly communicate and post data to ERP systems.

  3. Datalog

    Our machines contain datalog for shift data/process details and web servers on controllers.

  4. SMS/email

    Users can choose to receive email or SMS updates from our machines’ servers.

  5. Data Sharing

    If the application demands, Planet G’s machines can be integrated into a common network with data sharing.