SeeMyMachines is an Industrial IoT platform that connects your machines and sensors to the cloud for better monitoring and analytics. The ability to track and manage processes and devices creates new opportunities for all industries. SeeMyMachines offers solutions to enhance operational efficiency across manufacturing, power, transportation, utilities, oil and gas, and other key infrastructure sectors. It improves the way industries collect, analyze, and share real-time information to make better decisions, at the right time. It also enables technicians to remotely monitor equipment and identify potential failures before they occur.

Features of SeeMyMachines
  • Connect machines and high-value assets to the cloud
  • Monitor asset utilization and performance
  • Get analytics on machine use and process data
  • Enable predictive maintenance
  • Visualize data
  • Receive alerts on mobile devices
How it Works
Sensors capture process variables from multiple locations across the factory floor.
Data is routed to an Edge Compute Device that relays data to the cloud platform.
Powerful big data analytics engine crunches data and converts into analytical insights.
Analytical insights relayed via mobile app provides real-time insights into plant operations.