Creaser Gold Plus

The Creaser Gold Plus is Planet G’s first series of stand-alone creasing machine with an automatic sheet feed. The automatic sheet feeder is a friction feeder with precise gate control for a wide range of stocks. The feeder permits top feed and this in turn provides non stop functioning of the machine. The state of the art feeder consumes very low power as there is no compressor, which also avoids a noisy operating environment. An aligner bed is provided, where the sheet thickness is detected and provides perfect alignment for the stocks before it enters the creasing machine. The aligner settings are simple and quick to set up for a job change. Pressure settings for rollers which hold the stocks are also easily settable. The rollers are spring loaded to avoid settings for normal thickness variations.

The touch screen interface features an easy to set up crease program, with various options on functional values (such as speed) to ensure crack-free, quality crease at an optimum speed.

Product Highlights

  • Automatic sheet feed
  • Programmable crease positions
  • Touch Screen for operator interface
  • 25 programmable jobs
  • 12 creases per job
  • Speed of 4000 sheets per hour
  • Settable knife and sheet speed for each job
  • PLC controlled with remote diagnostics enabled
  • Batch production feature
  • Diagnostic features for easy troubleshooting
  • Advanced error reporting for quick troubleshooting