Book Gathering Machine – Panther

Panther is an offline book gathering machine, featuring low power consumption, quick job setup and zero maintenance. Panther provides an optimum speed and consumes only 1/5th of the power compared to conventional machines. This state of the art machine provides standard error detection protocols including missing sheet and double sheet detection. Gathered books are delivered by a vertical zig-zag Stacker. The sequential Start and Stop function ensures that full book blocks are always delivered in the Stacker.

Features of Panther that ensure efficiency and productivity are:
  • Base model of 2 stations, expandable in steps of 2 up to 24
  • PLC controlled with color touch screen interface and data log features
  • Error detection for missing and multiple sheets
  • Matrix/linear/bunker configuration possible as per space requirement
  • Batch collating feature for notebook making with minimal stations
  • Sequential start and stop feature
  • Low running power and low noise
  • Designed for maintenance free running
  • Small and customization enabled foot print
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